Postman is the single source of truth for Imgur endpoints

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Imgur lifts the world's spirits every day by allowing users to upload and share images on the internet. The Imgur platform serves billions of images and reaches 300 million people per month. Postman helps to make new Imgur experiences possible by enabling the company's engineering team to deliver a powerful, easy-to-consume API to the app developer community.


Accelerated API collaboration and delivery

Unified platform combining API documentation and integration tests into one

Seamless publication of API documentation to collections

Endless possibilities start with a single API

As Imgur grew, the company wanted to extend its platform and allow app developers to create innovative new ways for users to experience Imgur content and interact with the service. So Imgur built a RESTful API based on HTTP requests and JSON responses. The API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure to app developers via a standardized programmatic interface. Using the API, developers can create new experiences using their programming language of choice.

Postman accelerates API collaboration and delivery

Imgur's engineering team consists of 29 members who are responsible for the platform's infrastructure, web and mobile apps, and the core stack written in Golang and PHP. When it came to building their new API, the team needed a solution that simplified the process for collaborators, so they could achieve the company's goals quickly and efficiently.

Imgur chose Postman to help the team build, test, run, and manage their API, as well as deliver it to market. Developers can easily access and start using the Imgur API by clicking a Run in Postman button in the Imgur API documentation.

By choosing Postman, the Imgur engineering organization could take advantage of the platform's professional collaboration features and extended feature set, such as more powerful monitoring and expanded usage, to better support their workflows and API clients.

Centralized collaboration on Postman keeps developers in sync

Postman's dedicated collaboration workspace has enabled the Imgur engineering organization to stay focused and aligned during initial API development and subsequent updates. Many of the heaviest users of the Imgur API are the company's own mobile developers. If a developer has an issue with an endpoint, he or she can easily re-create the endpoint in Postman with an environment that contains the specified parameters, and share it with a platform engineer who can run it and get started on a fix quickly.

Postman Collections provide both internal and external developers with executable API descriptions that allow them to bypass the need to code anything on their own. Relying on a shared Postman Collection ensures that everyone is on the same page with access to the most current code.

Postman serves as a single source of truth by providing a unified platform that combines our API documentation and integration tests into one.

Carlos Espinoza, Director of Platform Engineering, Imgur

Changes to a Postman Collection automatically updates API documentation

Imgur's previous process for maintaining API documentation was highly manual, with endpoints and documentation managed in separate code bases. Postman's API documentation feature allows the Imgur team to create custom API documentation, publish it on their custom domain, and keep it updated with minimal effort.

Now, updates made to an endpoint in the shared Postman Collection are automatically reflected in the Imgur documentation in real time, without submitting a single pull request. The team further customized their public-facing docs to include Imgur's green and black branding by using one of Postman's production environment templates.

Postman enables us to seamlessly publish our API documentation with the most recent updates to our collections.

Carlos Espinoza, Director of Platform Engineering, Imgur

With their API on Postman, Imgur can enable and inspire the developer community to brighten the day of even more people around the world.

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