Why Postman is an essential part of Movember's engineering toolkit

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Started in 2004 to raise awareness of men's health issues, the Movember Foundation has grown from its roots in Melbourne, Australia into a worldwide movement. Its iconic fundraiser every November encourages men to grow mustaches (or “grow a mo,” as the foundation says) in support of the foundation's mission.

Movember's engineering team builds the technology behind this and other multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns year-round while also supporting a wide portfolio of investments in men's health programs including clinical registries, health education, and recruitment for research trials.

The Movember API is core to the foundation's microservice architecture and its ability to connect third-party applications to the foundation's platform. API collaboration, development, and QA all happen on the Postman API Platform.


Faster API delivery

More efficient cross-team and external partner collaboration

Improved quality after each new deployment

The Challenge

Movember conducts fundraising campaigns in 20 countries, which requires the engineering team to deal with the complexities of multiple payment gateways and localization issues. Tackling these challenges as an agile, cross-functional team can be problematic; developers need a fast and reliable way to execute regression testing across a complex set of use cases. In addition, external partners call Movember API endpoints from mobile apps, data visualizations, and other sources, so the team also needs the ability to easily collaborate with outside API consumers.

The Solution

Movember maintains a Postman Collection for its API to ensure that users (both internal and external) have authoritative documentation during development and testing. The collection provides example responses, as well as request and parameter descriptions, to create a better onboarding experience for new team members and external partners. During ongoing collaboration, the collection serves as a common reference point for everyone when discussing features or bugs, which greatly speeds up the development lifecycle.

Postman is an integral part of our engineering toolkit, allowing us to ensure the seamless operation and remarkable UX of our platform. We've improved our speed-to-value through increased efficiency and quality in our development and testing.

Marcus Nance, Director of Digital Product Delivery and Enterprise Agility, Movember

Higher-quality releases

The Movember team releases enhancements and new features at least every two weeks. As a requisite part of their workflow, QA engineers have written test suites in Postman to ensure that Movember's API endpoints are returning the expected responses. The test suites are also used to perform smoke and regression tests for production deployments, as well as to manually run tests to help identify and replicate reported issues.

Postman's testing capabilities are particularly important as the team moves further into implementing CI/CD pipelines. The team uses Newman, Postman's command-line Collection Runner, during the deployment process to automate testing and report faults prior to pushing code to production. Postman also helps the team to gauge comparative performance of releases by integrating their collections with the K6 load-testing tool.

Using Postman as the starting place for all testing and integrating with other tools is more efficient and cost-effective than alternative UI regression testing.

Gus Suárez Muñoz, QA Engineer, Movember

Smoother migration to a microservice architecture

The Postman platform gave the team the confidence to begin its planned migration from a legacy monolith to a new microservice-driven PWA platform. Since then, Postman has been a key part of their approach to ensure the compatibility of newly developed components. Collaboration on Postman not only reduced the team's initial effort but also made it easier to maintain and enhance Movember's API and platform over time.

The Outcome

As Movember's technology landscape continues to evolve, Postman now serves as the de facto collaboration tool and single source of truth for the Movember API across various codebases and components, both internally and externally. As a result, the engineering team has been able to deliver more quickly, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of each deployment.

Postman has streamlined the development of new features and maintenance of existing code in our day-to-day workflow.

Liam Svenson, Solution Architect, Movember

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