Quotient optimizes API support operations on Postman

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In today's booming e-commerce world, digital advertising and promotions generate billions of dollars in sales. As marketing technologies become more sophisticated, retailers are better able to target ads and offers to the right consumers at the right moment in the sales cycle, which presents tremendous business opportunities for companies with access to this capability.

Quotient, the leading digital promotions, media and analytics company, uses APIs in their platform to deliver promotions and ads across multiple channels, including mobile, desktop, and point-of-sale systems. With many external and internal API users, Quotient migrated its API support operations to Postman, resulting in greater efficiency, productivity, and velocity.


Optimized workflows with automation saving time

Customized API documentation

Reduced ticket workload

Significant improvements in productivity for the support team

APIs power personalized content for shoppers

Quotient's reach is massive. In order to engage consumers and drive sales, speed is critical and transactions must happen within milliseconds. A robust portfolio of APIs enable retailers to easily integrate with the Quotient platform. E-commerce sites call Quotient APIs, and based on the response, the site will display a particular offer to an individual consumer.

How to optimize API support operations

The Quotient production support team was looking to be as efficient and productive as possible while continuing to provide excellent support services to clients. They implemented and rolled out the Postman API Platform, which allowed them to optimize their workflows both in time and efficiency.

Self-service API access and collaboration

Postman provides a centralized hub for Quotient to manage its extensive API portfolio. Postman Collections, which allow the team to group related API requests into executable workflows, enables efficient collaboration between different Quotient engineering teams who can work together on maintaining and updating the APIs from one location. Using the same collection in both development and production environments helps everyone keep updates in sync.

Postman helps us organize and manage hundreds of APIs while also allowing our customers and internal teams to quickly find specific API information themselves.

Vishal Kakkar, Senior Technical Account Manager, Quotient Technology

A single source of truth for troubleshooting

Postman environments and variables further streamline Quotient's troubleshooting workflows. By removing the need to manually enter the entire endpoint URL every time they switch environments, the workflow becomes faster and more fluid.

Postman is a great resource for our engineers during development. They can quickly look up an unfamiliar API, get the information they need, and move on.

Vishal Kakkar, Senior Technical Account Manager, Quotient Technology

Custom API documentation for each customer

In addition to handling support tickets, Quotient's production support team is also responsible for executing and maintaining custom reference material for retailers using a unique set of Quotient APIs. Postman's API documentation feature allows the team to generate and deliver documentation specific to each customer.

Postman's custom API documentation feature allows us to deliver even more value to customers by providing them with their own, always up-to-date API reference.

Vishal Kakkar, Senior Technical Account Manager, Quotient Technology

Optimization produces tangible results

Within two years, the support team was able to reduce their ticket load and increase their productivity significantly, and ensure they continue to provide maximum value to customers.

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