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The Postman Contributor Program

Postman relies on the contributions of the open source community, and values the many contributions from our top users. Contributions to open source projects, the docs, and more improve the experience of other users. If you’d like to contribute, we welcome contributions of all kinds.

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The Postman Supernovas Program

Postman Supernovas are leaders who publicly represent the Postman community at events. Whether giving talks, hosting workshops, or participating in meetups, Postman Supernovas build community with other users around the world.

If this sounds like you, we’d like to invite you to learn more about becoming a Postman Supernova.

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The Postman Guest Blogger Program

If you have something to say about APIs, we want to help amplify your voice. Share your thoughts with the Postman community on the Postman blog.

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Postman Blog

Fri Feb 26 2021

New Public Workspace: Now You Can Take API Trainings in Postman

By:Sue Smith

There really is no end to the subject matter you can learn and teach when it comes to APIs. For the first day of the Postman Galaxy virtual API conference in early February 2021, we ran a series of training sessions touching on some core topics. The trainings covered API and Postman essentials, diving into…

Thu Feb 25 2021

How to Get Started With the Postman API

By:Bruno Pedro

Did you know that Postman has its own API? Yes, Postman, an API platform that helps you design, test, mock, and document APIs in a collaborative fashion, has its own API. Why would you use the Postman API, you may ask. While most of the work can and should be done interactively using a GUI,…

Tue Feb 23 2021

Experts Talk: Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience


Developer relations experts representing well-known public APIs convened at Postman Galaxy 2021 to share their tips and insights for optimizing the educational experience for new and experienced users. The “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience” panel participants included: Typeform Developer Advocate Nicolas Grenié, (moderator) Twitter Developer Advocate Jessica Garson Dropbox Solutions Architect Marcel…

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