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The 2021 Postman API Hack

The Postman API Hack was a wide open challenge to hack the future of APIs and build something creative, with compelling value to developers, addressed a problem, and had community interest. It was a great opportunity to see the expertise and innovation of the largest API developer community.

Intergalactic Grand Prize



Carson Hunter, Andrew Decarlo

Documentation review, without the judgment.

Andromeda Prize


Nebula Prize


Andromeda Prize


OpenAPI Operations

Henk Grent

A workspace that enables you to analyze and benchmark your OpenAPI specifications.

Nebula Prize


Webhook Debugger

Nicolas Grenié

Create, debug, and code your webhooks directly in Postman.

Moonshot Prize



Brian Dinh, Lydia Choi

CoinStop can help you efficiently do your errands. Our API minimizes your search by finding all the nearest points of interest on your list along your subway route.


Naveen Kumar

Sync Github's Markdown file with Postman Documentation leveraging the power of Postman Monitors.


Hemanth Krishna, Shubham Palriwala

DotCloud is an API that holds and provides secure access to all your project's environment variables for authorized users or a servers with a valid API token.

Quick Debug

Harry Banda, Cynthia Mulenga, Bislon Zulu

A workspace to automatically notify developers when API tests fail and suggest solutions based on the error response returned by the server.

Roku Dev Tools

Mark Sean

A collection of useful commands and examples to aid in Roku TV development. Control your Roku device from Postman and debug and test your Roku projects within Postman.

Save the Orangutans!

Dan Poindexter, Haemin Park

We can make a difference by measuring the environmental impact of the products we buy. Using an ISBN (barcode) of a product get statistics on the estimated environmental impact of it's production.

Postcards App: personal push notifications with an API call

Shardul Aeer

Email alerts are ubiquitous, but they're easy to miss and managing them can be a stressful. Postcards turns email alerts into personal push notifications. Make your phone into an IoT alarm with a simple API call.

AWS Monitor

Maciej Kawka

A set of easily customizable requests for monitoring your AWS infrastructure. You don't have to be an AWS expert anymore to have a solid overview of what's going with your stack.

NASA Open APIs Public Workspace

Miguel Olave

This Public Workspace helps to scientists and engineer to test NASA's Open APIs, and use them to discover awesome knowledge and innovative applications for humanity.

API Security Tester

Eric Sheridan, Ray Kelly, Carlos Hung, Joseph Feiman, Sarah Perkins

Fast, automated and accurate security testing of your APIs throughout the Postman lifecycle using WhiteHat Security's Intelligence Directed DAST. Test for security vulnerabilities within Postman.