Build real-world solutions with APIs using Postman Flows

Users of all technical abilities can create, manage, and collaborate on API projects with ease.

Create API applications, visually

Now anyone can build software using APIs as building blocks to create workflows, integrations, and automations in a collaborative environment.

Automate, integrate, and document API workflows

Create complex solutions from API building blocks. Flows is a visual editor that lets you directly manipulate APIs and observe the data flowing between them.

Example Flow moving data between two systems using their respective APIs. The Flow generates a report that you see as a table on the canvas. You can trigger Flows manually, with a webhook, or on a schedule.

Simplify API software development in minutes

Tap into the world's largest Public API Network and discover thousands of APIs that you can visually connect and directly manipulate into workflows.

For engineers and knowledge workers

Explore the Postman Flows Gallery for more use cases and templates.

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Collaborate and build Flows with your team

With Postman Flows, team members can work on the same flows in real time, whether in different offices or different countries.

For all technical abilities

  • Build in parallel and review critical steps with your teammates
  • Group, label, and color-code building blocks for clarity
  • Document APIs and workflows as you build with the Flows editor

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How to get started

Postman Flows is free to try and available as a full-featured add-on for Basic and Professional plans. Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Postman account or create a new one.
  2. Visit the Flows Gallery to review existing use cases and templates.
  3. Fork an example flow and click Run.

Postman v11 is here!

It's jam-packed with updates to help you collaborate on your APIs, augment yourself with AI, and more.