The Postman platform gives you advanced intelligence and insights about all of your API operations by leveraging alerts and security warnings, search, reporting, and more.

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Security warnings

Catch API security issues earlier in the API lifecycle through the API security warnings in Postman's API Builder. These warnings enable you to identify potential security problems and fix them even before you start writing code or deploy to production.

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Find anything in your API universe through the Postman platform's powerful search capabilities. Postman can help you search through your entire API repository to instantly find APIs, collections, or workspaces.

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Get deep insights about your APIs and understand where you are across your entire API landscape with respect to your API lifecycle through Postman's reporting dashboard. The dashboard helps you quickly identify which APIs are undocumented, untested, or unmaintained, which improves your operational management and helps you understand how to use your team resources most effectively. Postman also ensures that your instance is used securely through security audits for access tokens.

Your dashboard also includes Security Audit reports that consolidate the findings of the Postman Token Scanner to give you a quick view into whether your organization has accidentally exposed any tokens.

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How to get started

You can sign up and get started with Postman for free. Postman also offers a range of paid plans that give you and your team more advanced options and flexibility.

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