Supercharge your API development with AI

Automate tedious API tasks, follow API best practices, and boost workflow efficiency through natural-language input, conversational interactions, and contextual suggestions.

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Instant API documentation

Postbot generates comprehensive API documentation with a single click, allowing you to save hours of manual work and effortlessly keep your documentation up to date. You can even ask Postbot to generate documentation according to your custom requirements, which ensures it meets your specific needs.

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Streamlined API testing

Postbot can generate tests for individual requests or entire collections, using natural language autocomplete to speed up the process. You'll also receive inline suggestions while manually editing code to help you write tests faster.

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Powerful data visualization

Postbot's data visualization capabilities make it easy to understand your API responses. There's no need to read through endless JSON; simply ask Postbot to visualize your data as a table, chart, bar graph, or any other format that suits your needs. You can even use natural language to customize your visualizations on the fly.

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AI-powered support

When you need help, Postbot is there for you. With expertly curated instructions drawn from multiple sources, Postbot provides instant support to keep you in the flow. No more searching online for answers; just ask Postbot and get the guidance you need to move forward.

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Expert debugging

Postbot can help you identify issues, debug requests, and even resend them for you, saving you valuable time and effort. With Postbot, you have an expert by your side.

Get started with Postbot today

Bring the power of AI into your API development workflow and try Postbot in your workspace today. Postbot is free to try across all plans, limited to 50 activities per user per month. For additional usage, users can purchase the add-on.

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Frequently asked questions


Which models does Postbot use?

Postbot is powered by generative AI models developed by OpenAI.

What data is Postbot trained on?

Postbot leverages Postman's knowledge of the API lifecycle, such as API testing and API documentation. To ensure the utmost privacy, your corporate data is never used to train any third-party AI models. Data input into Postbot is only used to refine and enhance our own proprietary models, ensuring that Postbot becomes increasingly helpful for your organization's specific needs. Furthermore, data from all Enterprise teams is strictly isolated and never utilized to improve models outside your organization's dedicated instance. For more information, check out our AI Terms.

What counts as a Postbot activity?

A Postbot activity is defined as any interaction with Postbot (i.e., generating tests, writing documentation, creating data visualizations, debugging requests, and providing support), including autocomplete capabilities. The amount of activity consumed depends on the amount of work done by Postbot.

Is Postbot compliant with industry regulations and standards?

Yes, Postbot follows all the current regulations applied to the Postman API Platform. More information can be found on our AI Terms addendum.

How do I purchase the Postbot add-on?

Postbot is available for purchase with all plan types, including Free. Postbot maintains feature parity across Professional, Basic, and Free plans. At the Enterprise level, Postbot includes additional privacy and security features.

How do I activate Postbot?

We have designed Postbot to prioritize the highest standards of data protection for our users. As such, Postbot will not be activated on any accounts by default. See additional FAQs on how to activate Postbot.

What additional Postbot capabilities are available for Enterprise plan users?

We understand that data privacy and security are of the utmost importance, especially for large enterprises considering which AI tools to incorporate into their stack. Our goal is to empower your team with innovative AI capabilities that streamline your API workflows, while always keeping your data safe and secure. That's why we designed Postbot with robust safeguards to prioritize the protection of your corporate data.

For Enterprise users, Postbot supports the following additional privacy and security capabilities:

  • Enhanced privacy: Postbot for Enterprise is built such that any training data from Postbot interactions will be limited to improving the team's experience alone. And in addition, Postbot leverages content-filtering to prevent the output of harmful content.
  • Enterprise-grade availability: We maintain a dedicated multi-tenant infrastructure exclusively for our enterprise customers, ensuring separate compute bandwidth for enhanced uptime.


What types of customer data does Postbot retain?

Postbot conversations are stored in our secured database. Security layers exist to remove sensitive data/PII from these prompts. All assets created by Postbot (i.e., tests, documentation, requests, collections, and APIs) are owned by the user and governed by existing Postman terms and conditions.

Where is my data stored?

As with any Postman feature, data is stored in our secured databases, and all AI material adheres to Postman's current terms and conditions. No data is shared with third parties without being explicitly stated. OpenAI does not train on any Postman data.

How does Postbot use the retained customer data?

Postbot operates by securely accessing data within your Postman workspaces, adhering to the same strict access controls that govern other Postman features you already rely on (such as search functionality, the Private API network, and monitoring). Postbot adheres to all the access rules and permissions you have carefully configured for your Private Workspaces and collections, so you're always in complete control of your data.

While Postbot does retain conversation data to improve your experience over time, we employ state-of-the-art security measures to identify and remove any sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII) from these conversation logs before they are stored. Although we partner with leading third-party providers for data storage, they are contractually prohibited from using your data for model training. For more information, check out our AI Terms.

Is customer data used to train models?

Postbot data is not used to train any third-party models. We use Postbot data only for improving our own models. An enterprise team's data will not be used to improve any model outside the enterprise team.

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