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Postman for API Test Automation

For quality teams

Improve the quality, performance, and reliability of your APIs with Postman's robust API testing tools—including Collection Runner, Postman CLI, API Monitoring, and integrations with your preferred CI/CD system.

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Key features

Collection Runner

Run API requests in a specific order to support environment variables so users can easily test across different environments or configurations.

CI/CD Integration

Easily automate tests within your CI/CD pipeline and catch issues early in the development lifecycle.

API Monitoring

Identify problems with your APIs, including poor performance, response errors, and outages.

With Postman for API Test Automation, you can:

  • Create automated tests. Run them directly in the Postman app or automate with Postman CLI.

  • Use collections and environments to store and reuse data. Create mock servers to enable simulations and testing.

  • Monitor API performance. Gain insights into usage and trends. Integrate with CI/CD tools and automate tests.

  • Collaborate with teammates by sharing test scenarios and data. Get complete documentation of code and tests.

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Process within the Postman platform

Standardizing API Testing. Diagram.

The Postman API Platform includes features that facilitate API testing, helping teams streamline their workflows and catch issues throughout the API lifecycle. Teams can build collections that entirely test an API, using tools such as a JavaScript-based library of a code snippets. This library enables teams to quickly author tests that validate their API's performance, reliability, and behavior. Once organized into a collection, these tests can be automated through the Postman web app, application, or the Postman CLI. Tests can also be incorporated into CI/CD pipelines.

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Postman for API Test Automation

Reusability, automation, and CI/CD integration: a comprehensive approach for effective API testing for quality minded teams.


per user/month, in addition to Enterprise Essentials, billed annually

What is in the solution:

  • Unlimited Collection Runs
  • Integration with CI/CD
  • Additional monitoring and mocks
  • Workspaces and collections
  • Identity and access management, including user governance
  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning via SCIM
  • SSO identity management & SAML
  • Universal tagging

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Visma reduces API bug-fixing time to under 10 minutes with Postman.

Western Governors University reduces testing time from 96 hours to 5-6 with Postman.

Reputation builds a custom test automation framework on Postman.

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