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Postman for Internal API Management

For engineering Teams

Accelerate your API lifecycle with tools to help build and manage your APIs at scale. Design, develop, discover, and distribute APIs in one place, while conforming with organizational standards.

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Bring API collaboration and governance into one central hub


Design robust, consistent APIs, tailored to your business needs.


Build and test APIs, and ensure reliability from the get go.


Validate against industry standards to ensure your APIs are secure and compliant.


Seamlessly share API elements in a standard, developer friendly platform.


Promote reuse. Facilitate rapid discovery, easy evaluation, and quick integration of APIs.

Key Features

API Builder

Create and manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs in one dedicated place. The API Builder connects to the source code repository and automatically maintains API documentation, tests, and specifications alongside code.

Private API Network

Teams can publish workspaces and collections along with APIs created in the API Builder. The interface also makes it easier for consumers to fork collections and use them in their own workspaces.

API Governance

Easily launch an enterprise-wide governance program that aligns with your organization's API activities. Postman supports Spectral v6 rules, so you can maximize customization for your API governance standards and scale your program from a single source of truth.

Postman governance. Illustration.

Process within the Postman platform

Process within the Postman platform. Diagram.

With Postman, it's easy for developers to discover and work with APIs. After a developer is onboarded, they can explore workspaces and collections associated with an API to see its code, read documentation, access test scenarios, and begin developing with the API.

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Postman for Internal API Management

Unified API management for individuals or teams: from development to discovery & governance.


per user/month, in addition to Enterprise Essentials, billed annually

What is in the solution:

  • Private API Network
  • API Builder with Native Git
  • API gateway integration
  • API Governance
  • Universal tagging
  • Workspaces and collections
  • Identity and access management, including user governance
  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning via SCIM
  • SSO identity management & SAML

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PayPal decreases the time to first call to 1 minute with Postman.


Built Technologies takes an API-first, repeatable approach to development on Postman.


Lightspeed reduces onboarding time and solidifies API governance with Postman.

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