"Postman 101 for Developers"

In this webinar, Vu used Postman for the web to share a range of ways to help you to quickly get up and running with the Postman platform, focusing on the following areas:

  • How to get started with Postman

  • Key tips and tricks

  • Where to find documentation and help

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Aired: December 9, 2020

Vu Nguyen, Product Advocate, Postman

Vu Nguyen

Product Advocate



What are the best ways for me to learn Postman?

Two of the most popular ways you can learn how to use Postman are the in-app Postman Bootcamp and the Learn by API collection.

Is it possible to capture output from one API and send it as input to another API?

Yes. You can chain requests and extract the data output from one API to use in another API. Please refer to the “Extracting Data from Responses and Chaining Requests” blog post for more details.

How can I generate the code equivalent of the request being sent?

To generate code snippets, click "code" next to your request, then choose the language for your snippet. For more details, see the Generate code snippets page in Postman's documentation.

Is there a way to test responses coming from an endpoint in Postman?

Yes. You can use Postman mock servers to simulate each endpoint and its corresponding response. This allows you to view potential responses without spinning up a backend.

Are there best practices for the use of collections, environments, and workspaces?

Yes. You'll find a detailed overview of this topic in the “How to Organize Your API With Collections, Environments, and Workspaces” blog post.