Develop the Right API Governance Model for Your Organization

By Deepa Goyal and Arnaud Lauret

API governance can be a daunting challenge for any enterprise organization. In this white paper, we'll provide you with a simple set of blueprints, considerations, and pragmatic first steps that will help you create a living API governance strategy. We'll emphasize the importance of enabling teams as you develop your organization's API governance model—and of striking the right balance between enablement and enforcement.

Postman Develop the right API Governance Model. Book Cover.

More organizations are relying heavily on private, partner, and public APIs, and their business impact can no longer be ignored. Over 90% of developers use APIs, and 30% of their time is spent coding APIs. Since 91% of organizations had an API security incident in 2020, putting the right API governance model in place is a matter of urgency.

But what should you do, and where do you start? How do you ensure the tens and hundreds of APIs created by dozens of teams are known, discoverable, usable, reusable, consistent, reliable, scalable, secure, and compliant? How do you ensure private APIs do not inadvertently become public, and that APIs don't spend too much time in the beta phase? Most importantly, how do you ensure you build the right APIs that are aligned with your organization's goals—and that your approach to API governance will not be counter-productive?

In this guide, you will learn about setting the foundation for a robust API governance model that will enable your developers and stakeholders to build the right APIs in a way that increases productivity and quality while reducing costs and risks.

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