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The Postman API Platform

The Postman API Platform delivers high productivity for teams, great quality APIs for developers, and airtight governance for organizations around the globe.

Postman delivered 339% ROI

Forrester Consulting found that for every $1 spent with Postman, enterprise customers get back $4.39 in benefits, adding up to a net present value of $8.17 million over three years.

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Postman API Platform components

Postman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster. The platform is cloud-native and includes the comprehensive suite of features enterprises are looking for, including SSO, audit, platform security, and much more.

API repository

Postman can store and manage API specifications, documentation, workflow recipes, test cases and results, metrics, and everything else related to APIs.

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Postman workspaces are collaborative places where teams gather and solve problems. Every person in a workspace sees the same API tools, collections and environments, which are updated in real-time.

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API lifecycle

The Postman platform includes a comprehensive set of tools that help accelerate the API lifecycle—from design, testing, documentation, and mocking to the sharing and discoverability of your APIs.

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Postman's full-lifecycle approach to governance lets adopters shift left in their development practices, producing better-quality APIs and fostering collaboration between developer and API design teams.

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Enterprise features

Postman Enterprise is designed for organizations that need to deploy Postman at scale and require enterprise-class support, security, reliability, and uptime.

API Governance

Teams know governance guidelines before they start. This ensures APIs are high quality, consistent, and well integrated into the API landscape.

API Security

API Security provides guidelines and rules on the same platform where developers are designing, building, testing, and deploying APIs without requiring changes to existing workflows.

Private API Network

A central catalog of your organization's APIs supports versioning, which helps you control and manage multiple versions of your APIs in the network.

Partner Workspaces

Postman's Partner Workspaces let organizations invite partners to work on building products and services in a space that is shared, secure, and controlled.

Single Sign-on

Connect Postman to your identity provider so users can securely access Postman Enterprise. Postman Enterprise supports the most popular identity formats like Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Ping Identity, AD FS, GSuite, and even custom SAML.

SCIM support

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning licenses for your entire organization. Through SCIM, you can efficiently deploy Postman to your entire organization and control access via your identity provider.

Deployment control

Install Postman Enterprise silently and system-wide, with configurations to control how and where it's installed on the device.

Domain capture

Identify and manage all the Postman user accounts that have been created with your organization's domain or sub-domain. Consolidate users onto a single Postman team.

Trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500

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WhatsApp prioritizes quality developer experiences with Postman

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Enterprise benefits

Postman Enterprise is built to scale with development teams. Its API Platform delivers:

High productivity

A single source of truth for APIs

Keep everything related to APIs, source code, definition files, tests, performance measurements, documentation, security audits—and everything in between—in a single location managed with granular security controls for internal teams, partners, and the public.

Faster discovery + enterprise-wide catalog

Provide a single location for your company to discover and explore your API landscape. API producers and consumers can collaborate on new initiatives within Postman.

Support for API technologies

Postman supports REST, SOAP, WebSockets, gRPC, and GraphQL. The Postman API Platform makes it easy for developers to work with any API technology, allowing for a single platform for development teams to build their next-generation products and services.

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Great quality

Test automation

Automate tests directly in the command line with the new Postman CLI and push the results back to Postman to debug and prepare reports.

Easily surface and rapidly integrate

Teams can identify reusable components faster with consistent code, documentation, and test artifacts providing faster development times for new products and services.

Integration with leading CI/CD systems

With the API Builder, now with native Git support, easily automate tests within your CI/CD pipeline and catch issues much earlier in the development lifecycle.

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Airtight governance

Full-lifecycle validation

Ensure design teams know governance guidelines before they start. This will ensure APIs are high quality, consistent, and integrate well into the API landscape.

Confidence at build

All APIs go through rigorous checks and reviews during earlier lifecycle stages, ensuring confidence before deployment.

Visibility into security posture

All stakeholders (from developers to leadership) can access dashboards and reporting for visibility into conformance, security posture, and more.

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Industry recognition

Learn why industry experts recognize Postman.

Gartner Magic Quadrant™

Recognized as a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Full Lifecycle API Management.

SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified

Learn about our compliance certifications and regulations.


Ranked #1 in API Management and API Design.

Postman keeps developers happy and productive

The Postman API Platform is the key to launching new products faster and letting developers collaborate on what they love: creating better software.


would be unhappy if they were not allowed to use Postman anymore


agree that Postman is necessary for enabling an API-first development model


say Postman helps them collaborate with developers better than other platforms or tools

Based on survey responses from over 37,000 developers and API professionals worldwide (July 2022)


Postman integrates with the most important tools in your software development pipeline to enable API-first practices.

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Trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500 and 25 million developers worldwide, the Postman API Platform delivers high productivity for teams, great quality APIs for developers, and airtight governance for organizations around the globe.