Postman integrates with the most important tools in your software development pipeline to enable API-first practices. The Postman platform is also extensible through the Postman API and through open source technologies.

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AWS API Gateway


Splunk On-Call (Formerly VictorOps)



Build your own integrations using the Postman API. Illustration.

Build your own integrations using the Postman API

The Postman API endpoints help you to integrate Postman within your development toolchain by allowing you to programmatically access data stored in your Postman account with ease.

Build your own integrations using the Postman API. Illustration.

Postman is built on open source

Postman is built on open source technologies, which means you can extend Postman or your API workflow in any way you want. From the very beginning of the company, we open sourced the Postman Runtime, the Postman Collection format, and our SDKs to allow developers and organizations the flexibility to work with APIs in any environment or workflow.

And there’s more: Postman’s command-line Collection Runner, Newman, is open source; we’re key contributors to OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, JSON Schema, and associated tooling; and we also support industry standards like FHIR, PSD2, OpenTravel, and Open Insurance.

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How to get started

You can sign up and get started with Postman for free. Postman also offers a range of paid plans that give you and your team more advanced options and flexibility.

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