The Postman API Platform

15 million developers across 500,000 organizations use the Postman API Platform for all things API.

5x Faster API development. Illustration.

Faster API development

4x Faster bug fixes. Illustration.

Faster bug fixes

3x less time maintaining APIs. Illustration.

Less time maintaining APIs

You'll discover these quantitative findings and more in a recent report—authored by the Enterprise Strategy Group, a global IT research firm—on the economic benefits of the Postman platform.

High productivity screenshots of Postman app. Illustration.

High Productivity

The Postman API Platform delivers high productivity through these features and benefits:


  • Postman as the single source of truth for all APIs

  • Up-to-date and easily discoverable API documentation

  • Instant search across your API landscape

  • Persona-based pre-configured API workspaces


  • Eliminate duplicate work

  • Onboard developers faster

  • Fewer meetings = happier developers

Great Quality

The Postman API Platform delivers great quality through these features and benefits:


  • API mocking and prototyping

  • API testing for developers integrated with your CI/CD pipeline

  • Contract-test internal/external APIs with your consumers

  • API lifecycle management across multiple versions


  • Faster and earlier bug detection

  • Standardize API specifications

  • Rapid, seamless, and automated API testing

Screenshot of Postman app providing great quality. Illustration.
Screenshot of Postman app delivering airtight API governance. Illustration.

Airtight Governance

The Postman API Platform delivers airtight governance through these features and benefits:


  • API governance with design and validation

  • Deep API insight reports, dashboards, and audit logs

  • User groups and custom roles

  • SCIM-based automated user provisioning and domain capture


  • Visibility into your API landscape

  • Developers complying with your API guidelines

  • Adherence to legal and regulatory requirements

  • Meet operational SLAs

500,000 Organizations Use Postman

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Many of the world’s top organizations, including 98% of the Fortune 500, are using the Postman API Platform today.

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