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Extend saves 60 minutes per day having chosen Postman for efficiency from day one

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Keeping customers happily using products is at the heart of Extend's mission. Since 2019, this API-first product protection platform has sold over two million contracts to customers. It currently serves over 700 merchants – including Peloton, iRobot, and Brilliant Earth – with a suite of APIs and retail infrastructure integrations to help build strong customer relationships.

Extend's platform enables merchants the ability to offer product protection plans to their customers. Founded in San Francisco, Extend is rapidly growing its business with new after-sales offerings to better serve merchants and their customers.

From day one, Postman was the API platform of choice for Extend's five engineering teams: platform, product, security, professional services, and data.


60 minutes saved per day during testing

Cross-team collaboration

Process automation

The Challenge

Extend recognized that existing warranty companies were not serving merchants and customers. Their archaic solutions delivered frustrating customer experiences that created brand detractors and took customers out of merchants' ecosystems.

Using an API-first approach Extend builds retail integrations that are easy to manage. APIs offer automation and effortless data transfer reducing operational costs for merchants.

When we think about APIs, we think of Postman. Choosing Postman was a no-brainer as it helps with the entire API development lifecycle.

Michael Darmousseh, Founder and Engineer, Extend

Extend's engineers were familiar with Postman's capabilities. It was their first choice to support the entire API development lifecycle. Within weeks of Extend being founded, Postman was used for acceptance testing. Two months later, Extend released Postman API documentation for merchants to use.

And since those early days, Extend continues to use Postman for different types of testing, which is automated, and now has extensive Postman Collections.

The Solution

Extend has a single edit agnostic REST API with multiple features used for both internal development and externally for merchants. All endpoints are within Postman.

The API integration provides plans and pricing for each product in real-time for merchants. It also powers two software development kits (SDKs). One SDK allows merchants to control their branding and the other allows Extend to create merchant branding.

A pre-built SDK also allows merchants to integrate directly with the API for sales, refunds, transactions, and other back-office functions. The lifecycle of a contract is automated from the moment a customer signs up.

I recommend that everyone uses Postman Collections as they are a great way of sharing. Without collections, you'll spend time reading documentation or looking at code.

Michael Darmousseh, Founder and Engineer, Extend

Collections are primarily used for testing whether merchant's services work with Extend's integrations. For example, the product engineering team writes unit tests in a JavaScript testing library and imports those tests into Postman for processing. Postman has also enabled test automation saving time and effort.

According to Extend's engineers, collections are convenient and easy to use for testing. Different engineering teams use the same collection during the testing lifecycle. Once services are tested, they are then pulled into the API repository.

Simultaneously, scripts in Postman enable the team to run the API in sequence during testing. For example, scripts are used to test whether a claim can be filed when a contract is created.

Postman's code copy feature is particularly popular as it prevents errors and streamlines the process of making API calls. Variables are used to run the same tests in different environments and to prevent sharing across a team when an engineer is using credentials.

The Outcome

Automation and real-time data exchange enable Extend to provide merchants with a seamless service with low operational costs. Additionally, using the same API as merchants means Extend's engineering teams have an identical user experience which provides valuable insights for program management.

It's so much faster to work In Postman and the fact that you can share is huge. We have so much confidence in our Postman Collections that we share them with our customers.

Michael Darmousseh, Founder and Engineer, Extend

Postman saves on average sixty minutes per day during testing because engineers are not using multiple tools. Everything needed to manage the entire lifecycle of the API is available in one place. For example, there's no need for context switching when debugging.

The same collection is used for different stages of API development resulting in a more robust API. Postman enables automation during testing, saving time and effort. For example, access tokens can be automatically generated for requests allowing calls to be made easily to all endpoints.

Postman provides a positive user experience for Extend by meeting expectations. Postman's ease of use is highly valued by Extend's engineering teams and customers.

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