API repository

Easily store, catalog, and collaborate around all your API artifacts on one central platform. Postman can store and manage API specifications, documentation, workflow recipes, test cases and results, metrics, and everything else related to APIs.

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A single source of truth for APIs

Postman provides a cloud-based, version-controlled, centralized repository for all API artifacts throughout the entire API lifecycle. All of the Postman platform's tools use the repository, which ensures a single source of truth for your APIs. The API repository enables teams and organizations to gather metrics and discern insights through the built-in intelligence capabilities on the platform. Postman's desktop and web applications connect to the API repository through workspaces for personal, team, or public use.

You can also connect your API repository to the other products and tools you use through Postman's pre-built integrations.

With the Postman API repository, you can better simplify, organize, and scale your entire API lifecycle, whether it's for a single API or for your entire API landscape.

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API Builder

Postman's API Builder helps you easily implement an API design workflow through specifications like OpenAPI, GraphQL, or RAML. The API Builder enables you to manage your API lifecycle from design to deployment and integrate with a variety of source control, CI/CD, gateways, and APM solutions—all in one place.

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Private API Network

Give your team optimal visibility into your APIs through the Private API Network, a central catalog that's visible only to your team or organization. The Private API Network supports versioning, which helps you maintain control and manage multiple versions of your APIs in the network. In addition, your APIs can be organized into hierarchical folders to mirror your organizational needs.

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Public API Network

Postman's Public API Network is the world's largest public API hub. With the Public API Network, you can easily share your organization's public APIs through public workspaces as well as discover thousands of public APIs from companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google.

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Partner API Network (Coming Soon)

The Partner API Network will allow you to control access to specific APIs so that you can manage and share APIs with your organization's external partners.

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How to get started

You can sign up and get started with Postman for free. Postman also offers a range of paid plans that give you and your team more advanced options and flexibility.

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