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POST/CON 24: May 1 - SOLD OUT!


Learn about the latest Postman product announcements and how industry leaders use the API Platform. Plus, join us for games and an awesome after-party.

Morning session

Keynotes, panel and networking

Start the day with keynotes, demos, a panel on AI and networking.

7:30am - 8:45am

Golden Gate

Registration and Networking Breakfast

Join us for breakfast and network with fellow API professionals and global tech leaders.

9:00am - 10:00am

Continental Ballroom

The API-Powered AI Revolution - Are You Ready?

Opening keynote and demos

We stand at the crossroads of a monumental technological shift with AI and APIs. Join Abhinav Asthana, CEO of Postman, and Justine Davis, Head of Product Marketing at Postman, for an opening keynote. They'll share insights on:

  • the benefits of API first development
  • how Postman can speed up development by reducing collaboration friction on APIs
  • how API collaboration is not only possible, but scalable
  • and how to prepare for the AI/API boom

We'll also unveil exciting new Postman features and advancements—and give live demonstrations showcasing the power and versatility of our latest offerings.

Abhinav Asthana, Co-founder and CEO, Postman
Justine Davis, Head of Product Marketing, Postman

10:00am - 10:20am

Continental Ballroom

API Development and Collaboration at Scale

Join Gail Frederick, CTO of Heroku, as she shares her insights on developing secure APIs that scale using advances in cloud computing, how to collaborate in context with users and systems, and why AI changes everything.
Gail Frederick, CTO/SVP Heroku, Salesforce

10:20am - 10:40am

Continental Ballroom

Break and refreshments

10:40am - 11:25am

Continental Ballroom

Navigating the Divide: Open vs. Proprietary AI

AI panel
Join us for a panel discussion including AI top engineers from OpenAI, NVIDIA, and Notion. They'll explore one of the most hotly debated topics in the industry right now: the speed and accessibility of proprietary AI systems vs. the protection of knowing what's in the underlying code of open AI systems. This is a discussion you won't want to miss.
Sherwin Wu, Head of Engineering, API, OpenAI
Jane Polak Scowcroft, Senior Director, Generative AI Data Strategy, NVIDIA
Shir Yehoshua, Head of Engineering - AI, Notion
Sri Viswanath, Managing Director/CEO at Coatue Ventures and former CTO at Atlassian

Afternoon session

Lightning talks and panels

Choose from one of the following three tracks for an afternoon of learning.

Scaling Org-Wide API Collaboration

Improve productivity and enrich the developer experience by scaling API collaboration across your organization.

12:25pm - 12:55pm

Continental Ballroom

Postman Session: Speed Up Your Developer Workflows with Postman


Join us for an insightful presentation on accelerating developer workflows with Postman! Explore the power of scripting, tests, visualizers, and team collaboration, alongside a deep dive into Postman's own secret manager, that helps you keep your APIs secure.

Suhas Gaikwad, Senior Engineering Manager, Postman
Giridhar Chakravarthi, Product Manager, Postman

12:55pm - 1:25pm

Continental Ballroom

Postman and AI: Transforming Manual QA to Quality Engineers


Learn how Postman transformed our API testing and how Artificial Intelligence (TeamsGPT) has accelerated the growth of non-technical testing teams to writing automation scripts.

Ethan Ferguson, Quality Engineer, BOK Financial

1:25pm - 1:45pm

Continental Ballroom

Break and refreshments

1:45pm - 2:00pm

Continental Ballroom

Humanizing APIs: Fostering Developer Collaboration and Community

Lightning talk

Join Shweta Palande, Developer Advocate at Cisco, to explore how human connections and inclusive, collaborative communities can transform API innovation and elevate the developer experience. You'll come away with a better understanding of the power of interactive documentation, accessible support channels, and feedback loops—as well as actionable strategies to harness diverse developer insights, champion best practices, and drive API excellence.

Shweta Palande, Developer Advocate, Cisco

2:00pm - 2:15pm

Continental Ballroom

Postman as a Core API Governance Platform

Lightning talk
Scaling APIs and development workflows can be challenging—especially in heavily regulated sectors like banking and healthcare. Join Jean Burellier, Principle Engineer at Sanofi, to learn how the Postman API Platform enables teams to remain compliant, scale efficiently, and integrate business needs into API governance.

Jean Burellier, Principal Engineer, Sanofi

2:15pm - 2:30pm

Continental Ballroom

What Is API Experience Design?

Lightning talk

Designing a delightful API experience is a cross-functional effort that goes beyond writing good documentation. In this lightning talk, Lauren Long, Co-Founder and CTO at Ampersand, will walk through the four building blocks of API experience design:

  • Picking the right terminology and resource hierarchy.
  • Designing consistent and intuitive patterns.
  • Creating idiomatic SDKs and CLIs to accelerate API consumption.
  • Acing the first-5-minute experience with Postman's collections and documentation tools.
Lauren Long, Co-Founder and CTO, Ampersand

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Continental Ballroom

Postman Session: Supercharge API Collaboration With Postman


API collaboration is a practice that brings API producers and consumers together to build APIs in a shared environment. In this session, we'll explore how Postman's robust collaboration features—such as collections, workspaces, and the Private API Network—streamline workflows and enable teams to deliver high-quality APIs.

Chris Torruella, Design Manager, Design Systems & UX, Postman
Ramji Enamuthu, Product Manager, Workspaces, Postman
Jelle Van de Velde, Engineering Manager, Design Systems & UX, Postman

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Continental Ballroom

Break and refreshments

3:20pm - 4:05pm

Continental Ballroom

APIs Are the Backbone of Every Company

Panel discussion

In this session, the panelists will discuss how their companies are leveraging APIs to execute their overall business strategy. They will also share how they have organized their teams to support API collaboration, how they understand the role of APIs in the age of AI, how they approach APIs as products, how Postman has helped them achieve their goals, and more.

Ankit Sobti (Moderator), Co-Founder and CTO, Postman
Manian Krish, General Manager - API Program, Verizon
Børre Wessel, Head of Workspace Platform Technology, London Stock Exchange Group
Marco Wirasinghe, Head of Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Business Messaging API Platform; Product, Meta

4:20pm - 5:00pm

Continental Ballroom

Conversation with Trevor Noah and Casey Newton


Join us for a conversation with Trevor Noah, comedian and former host of The Daily Show, about the intersection of technology and society. Trevor will be joined by Casey Newton, co-host of New York Times podcast Hard Fork. Together, they'll explore the future of software—and how it is reshaping our work, society, and culture.

Trevor Noah, Comedian and Former Host, The Daily Show
Casey Newton, Host of New York Times Podcast Hard Fork and Founder/Editor at Platformer

5:00pm - 8:00pm


Take a 4-minute stroll to August Hall, where we'll celebrate the conclusion of POST/CON 24 with an after-party featuring a live performance by T-Pain.


Conversation with Trevor Noah

Join us for a conversation with Trevor Noah, comedian and former host of The Daily Show, about the intersection of technology and society. Trevor will be joined by Casey Newton, co-host of New York Times podcast Hard Fork. Together, they'll explore the future of software—and how it is reshaping our work, society, and culture.

Trevor Noah headshot. Photograph.

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