Organize your API work and collaborate effectively across your team and organization. With Postman workspaces, you can share your work with internal and external teams, create a single source of truth, and streamline API development.

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Collaborate in real-time. Illustration.

    Collaborate in real-time

  • Keep teams aligned by grouping projects together.
  • Track changes so anyone invited to your team workspace can collaborate securely and effectively.
  • Automatically notify members about changes to APIs as updates sync in real-time.
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Create shared, secured, controlled spaces for teams. Illustration.

    Streamline API development

  • Create shared, secured, controlled spaces for teams.
  • Enhance developer productivity by bringing API producers and consumers closer together.
  • Improve reusability of APIs by organizing API contracts, documentation, and testing and then indexing via search.
Control your workspace settings. Illustration.

    Manage user access

  • Easily control access by assigning roles to members at either the workspace or element level.
  • Create a single source of truth: everyone in the workspace sees the same collections, environments, and other tools.
  • Watch, fork, and comment on elements.

Tailored to meet your needs

Choose a Postman workspace that's right for you. Organize your API work in a personal workspace or create team workspaces that act as a single source of truth for your API projects.


Designed for individual, focused work.

Personal workspaces contain all the tools that you need to work with your APIs, and they're synced in real-time so you can move between different Postman instances or between Postman's desktop and web versions seamlessly.

Available in all Postman plans.


Discoverable across all team members, including private, invite only workspaces.

Workspace members can comment on elements, use and change elements, and even fork from existing elements.

Available in the Postman Free plan for up to 3 members. For more members, explore Postman's paid plans.


Dedicated to specific partners, allowing for private, invite-only workspaces to be defined by domain and person.

Invite partners to work on building products and services with their APIs. Partner workspaces update in real-time and notify partners about changes to your APIs.

Available on the Enterprise Plan. Explore Postman plans.


Discoverable across the Postman community.

Gather feedback on your APIs, onboard developers quickly, or just showcase your work. Anyone can view, watch, fork, and comment on APIs. A public workspace can help increase adoption of your APIs.

All public workspaces are searchable and accessible through the Postman Public API Network.

Use cases

Accelerate time to market

Set up manual or automated workflows inside workspaces to support different stages of API development (staging, production, post-production). API testing, demos, infrastructure, and security workspaces provide developers access to the most updated practices.

Centralize onboarding

Enable faster onboarding for both internal and external partner developers with collaborative workspaces. Docs, how-to guides, and reference materials can help accelerate the time to first call.

Fix issues faster

Discover bugs, fix issues, and get to the root cause faster. Developers can use workspaces as a collaborative hub for troubleshooting API calls and maintaining a log of common steps to follow.

Thousands of teams are already using workspaces to transform the way they work


Improving developer productivity by 95 minutes per week with workspaces.


Leveraging public workspaces to fuel collaboration.


Increasing code accuracy and improving reliability of API calls with workspaces.

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How to get started

Sign up with Postman for free to get started. Postman also offers paid plans that offer you and your team advanced options and flexibility.

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