2023 State of the API Report

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Global growth of APIs

The global growth of the API ecosystem has been strong, from the number of practitioners and countries participating to the number of requests created. Here's where things stand as of late May 2023.

Postman Users: Over 25 million

Collections created over all time: 121 million

Requests created in past year: 1.29 billion

Which countries are creating the most collections and sending the most requests? We wanted to know, and we wanted to compare them with the rest of the world. Here's how it breaks down.

Countries and geographic areas: Over 235, including almost every country in the world—and even Antarctica.

Collections created over all time

Top 10 countries: 73.9 million
Rest of world: 46.7 million

Requests created in past year

Top 10 countries: 779.4 million
Rest of world: 509.5 million

Here are the countries that have created the most total collections since Postman began keeping track.

United States: 21.6 million
India: 18.3 million
China: 10.7 million
Brazil: 5.5 million
United Kingdom: 4.0 million
France: 3.0 million
Russia: 2.9 million
Germany: 2.9 million
Indonesia: 2.5 million
Canada: 2.5 million

Here are the countries that have created the most requests in the past year.

India: 256.2 million
United States: 216.3 million
Brazil: 52.4 million
China: 50.3 million
United Kingdom: 44.1 million
Indonesia: 35.3 million
France: 33.5 million
Russia: 31.4 million
Germany: 30.4 million
Canada: 29.6 million

We looked across the Postman Public API Network, the world's largest public API hub, to see which API collections were forked most over the past year. Here's what we found.

Salesforce Platform APIs: 144,840
WhatsApp Cloud API: 84,628
Twitter API v2: 64,588
Notion API: 55,955
PayPal APIs: 50,725
Slack Web API: 30,970
Microsoft Graph: 27,268
Stripe API [11-01-2021]: 20,547
Google Maps Platform: 17,725
MongoDB Data API: 12,426
Razorpay APIs: 10,664
DocuSign REST API: 5,466
Zoho CRM REST APIs: 5,453
Pipedrive API v1: 5,401
Joint Quest Verifier: 5,247

PayPal's Public Postman Collection is in the top 10 most requested APIs in terms of popularity and quality. We're committed to investing in this next generation of technology.

Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal

As more companies recognize APIs as the building blocks of modern software, API tools and services are evolving to meet their needs. These offerings span the API lifecycle, including design, testing, and security. They also include repositories for source code, API gateways, application performance monitoring tools, and CI/CD pipelines—all of which must integrate with API platforms to achieve optimal results.

Navigating this landscape requires careful thought. Here's our view of the API Platform Landscape today:

Infographic of the 2022 API Platform Landscape.

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