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Share your thinking with the global API community

The Postman community includes more than 30 million users at 500,000 organizations worldwide who are driving innovation across the API industry. Postman's Guest Blogger Program is designed to help expand the range of voices sharing experiences and thought leadership to help push the entire industry forward.

The API community is a phenomenal group of innovators, many of whom use Postman in interesting and novel ways every day. Because you're a part of this inspiring assembly, we'd like to hear from you: Sharing your perspective and experiences on the Postman blog can encourage other developers in their API journey. Whether your prospective blog post is focused on Postman-specific techniques or API leadership as a whole—or anything in between—we want to help convey your story, use cases, and knowledge to a global API fan base.

Submit Your Idea

Content guidelines

If you're considering submitting a blog post proposal—and we hope that you are—here are some guidelines to keep in mind:
  • Write relevant content:

    In general, the Postman blog covers APIs and Postman, so your submitted content should be relevant to these topics.

  • Write fresh content:

    We cannot accept submissions that have already been published elsewhere or contain content that is copied and pasted from other websites or blogs. Also, please do not submit collection documentation as a post.

  • Write engaging, original content:

    We prioritize submissions that reflect personal experiences and insights related to APIs or Postman. Has your team solved an interesting problem using APIs or Postman? Is your company using APIs or Postman in an innovative way? Do you have a public Postman Collection with an unexpected use case? Tell us about it!

  • Write comprehensive, meaningful content:

    We recommend fully exploring a topic within the blog post while still writing concisely. Typically, 1,000-2,500 words per post is sufficient, although some topics may require lengths outside these guidelines. Blog posts may not be accepted if they are not an appropriate length to be comprehensive and meaningful while maintaining a concise writing style.

  • Check your grammar:

    We currently accept posts only in English, and we must reject any submissions that have an excessive number of grammatical errors.

  • Keep the post organized:

    Include a clear title/headline for your post, an introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, section headings, and a conclusion.

  • Avoid sales, promotions, and overt marketing:

    We cannot accept submissions that are too promotional for your company or organization, or which may be construed as a link-building scheme.

  • Avoid news articles or press releases:

    While you are welcome to reference relevant research, news articles, and press releases in your post, this cannot be the primary focus of the post. The content should be wholly original, supported by external sources where appropriate.

  • Do not include rights-controlled images:

    We welcome images to accompany your post, but you must have secured the rights to publish these images before submitting them to the program for consideration. When including images, GIFs, or screenshots, cite the image source as: “Image source” and hyperlink that text with the page you found the image on. Image specifications: 600x600 pixels in JPG or GIF format with 150k max file size.

  • Ownership and syndication:

    Published blog posts become the property of Postman. If you wish to republish your post elsewhere, you must obtain written approval from Postman. If published elsewhere, your post will need to include this statement at the top of the page: “This article was originally published on the Postman blog,” and include a link to the original article published on the Postman blog. The post will also need to include a canonical tag marking the original article published on the Postman blog as the canonical page.

How to submit your content

So, you've read the guidelines and are ready for the next steps? Excellent. Here's how to get started:

  • First things first:

    Use the form below to submit your blog post idea (along with a little bit about yourself).

  • What happens next:

    Our team will review your submission and respond within two weeks and let you know if your proposal is accepted.

  • Get writing:

    Once your proposal is accepted, sit down at that laptop and start writing.

  • Submit your post:

    Once your draft is ready, submit your masterpiece, and be sure to include your name and a short biography (a sentence or two is fine). If your draft meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy and the guidelines above, we will respond to let you know your blog post will be published. Please note that Postman editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion.

  • Other things to know:

    Postman reserves the right to not respond to submissions that fail to meet the guidelines listed above. Postman also reserves the right to proofread, edit, and adapt your content as we see fit, and to update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness. And finally, while we hope posts written by guest bloggers have a long life on the Postman blog, the team reserves the right to remove any post at any time.

What's the big idea?

If you're ready to be a part of Postman's Guest Blogger Program, we're ready, too. Tell us about your idea, and we'll set the wheels in motion.

Submit Your Idea

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