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April 30 - May 1, 2024 · San Francisco, CA

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White papers

Postman white papers provide you with the enterprise-grade information you need to get a handle on the API chaos that has unfolded across your operations. Our white papers are intended to offer high-level blueprints that can help you shape and optimize your API strategy, and they include opinionated, pragmatic, and simple best practices for navigating the challenges you face each day as a business or technology leader.

We've spent countless hours on the ground floor with our customers, and one thing we've seen is a lack of clear, high-level guidance that transcends the chaos of the digital transformation that is occurring in every sector. To help cut through this noise, we've distilled what we've learned from our work with customers into white papers on a range of topics, from API design to API governance.

Do I Build or Buy? Book Cover.

Do I Build or Buy?

By the Postman Team

Digital Transformation is a crucial step for enterprises worldwide, but deciding whether to buy or build software can be difficult. In this white paper, we'll address what to consider when weighing the advantages and drawbacks of each approach including budget, time to value, project complexity and functionality, ongoing maintenance and support, and future needs.

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Postman Develop the right API Governance Model. Book Cover.

Develop the Right API Governance Model for Your Organization

By Deepa Goyal and Arnaud Lauret

API governance can be a daunting challenge for any enterprise organization. In this white paper, we'll provide you with a simple set of blueprints, considerations, and pragmatic first steps that will help you create a living API governance strategy. We'll emphasize the importance of enabling teams as you develop your organization's API governance model—and of striking the right balance between enablement and enforcement.

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Postman's annual user conference

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