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Postman logo approval process

Postmanaut standing in front of scales of justice. Illustration.

Effective starting: June 29, 2023

Postman® logos, name, and related product names are registered trademarks of Postman, Inc. The unauthorized use of Postman or any associated trademarks is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

How to seek approval

  • Provide the full context in which the logo will appear, including but not limited to: press releases, mockups of web pages, emails, blogs, banners, social media posts, long form content, marketplace listings, swag, video, shows (broadcast or streaming), and films.
  • Submit all copy and designs (landing page, blog, email, etc.) in an editable format (ie Google docs, Figma) including logos and placements that will be used
  • Submit a request for all approvals.

Brief summary of logo usage guidelines

For complete guidelines of how to use the Postman logo, please download the Postman media kit.

  • The width of the alphabet M in Postman is the width between the logo icon and the typeface. Safe area is the amount of white space to be maintained around the logo in any setting where it may be used.
    Postman logo guidelines. Illustration.
  • Do not change the color of the logo or logo mark for any creative projects. The logotype should always be legible. Never use it at sizes smaller than specified.
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Postman's annual user conference

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