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Learn how to import these common API description formats into Postman.

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Postman Integrations

APIMatic logo


Convert common API Description formats (Swagger, RAML, etc.) to & from Postman Collections

AWS API Gateway logo

AWS API Gateway

Upload your API schemas directly to AWS API Gateway from Postman

Big Panda logo

Big Panda

Trigger and resolve alerts based on Postman Monitors

Bitbucket logo


You can back up your team's Postman Collections with Postman's Bitbucket integration

Postman Mock Servers


Configure your Postman Monitors to send metrics to Coralogix

Postman Mock Servers


Bring Postman Monitors results into Datadog

Postman Mock Servers


Backup your Postman Collections to Dropbox

GitHub logo


Backup your Postman Collections to your GitHub repositories

GitLab logo


Backup your Postman Collections to GitLab

Keen IO logo

Keen IO

Push Monitor results into Keen Streams for API-based computation & S3 backups

Microsoft Power Automate (Formerly Microsoft Flow) logo

Microsoft Power Automate (Formerly Microsoft Flow)

Create workflows using your Postman data

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams

Bring Postman notifications into your Microsoft Team

New Relic logo

New Relic

Bring Postman monitor results into New Relic

Opsgenie logo


Configure your Postman monitors to trigger an alert whenever there's a test failure

PagerDuty logo


Get alerts from PagerDuty based on your Postman Collections

Postman Mock Servers

Postman API

An API to access your Postman data

Slack logo


Postman information posted directly to your Slack Team

Splunk On-Call (Formerly VictorOps) logo

Splunk On-Call (Formerly VictorOps)

Trigger and resolve incidents based on Postman Monitors

Statuspage logo


Create incidents and update status for components when monitoring tests fail

Integrations with Postman

At Postman, we are building an open API ecosystem with all your favorite API tools. Have an idea for an integration? Hit us up!